Friday, November 9, 2007

Google loves Google - Get better rank in SERPs

Quite often you may see blogspot blogs popping out in your search results.
But most of the time those blogspot sites are worthless as they rarely offer any content of value. Yet they do rank fairly well in Google SERPs.

How come?
Well, the answer is just that Google loves Google!
If your site is based on one of Google's products (Blogger or even Googlepage) you will have a SERP ranking bonus with Google.

A strategy to build!
If someone has already registered your keywords for domain name then make a blogspot site and name it by your keywords. :)
You'll have a ranking bonus (still need to provide some content though) and you won't have to spend a single cent (keeping costs low is more than praiseworthy!) as Blogger is free.


Farrhad said...

Google loves i am convinced.

derek said...

nice article about google pr

sarv007 said...

But i think Google is just promoting blogger....
any ways good post

e7lam said...

thanks nice article