Friday, May 11, 2007

Page Rank, Blogs and Comments

Here below a list of interesting tools to get the PR (Page rank) of a page:

SeoChat - PageRank-Search

Google AudiencesTV

You may increase your PR by getting links to your page from other pages with high page ranks. So in order to increase your PR you need to search high PR pages and to put your link on them.
How to do this? Well you may ask the webmaster of the targeted website to add a link for you. But most of the time they will not.

The best way is to use the blogs' comments !

For example:

My website talks about chinese radio.
Let's use
SeoChat - PageRank-Search. I will focus on blogspot platform:

- so i will search for: Blogspot chinese radio html
don't forget to class you search results by pagerank and to display 100 per page

Blogspot because it's the platform i'm digging in;

chinese radio because those are the keywords I want to compete on;

html because I want to put my comment (the link to my page) on a real page that has a real pr. Most of the time blogs' entry pages have a high PR but these pages change often, archive posts (with html extension) are more targeted and do not change.

- then I visit page results with a high PR and I put a comment as follows:

Name: my keywords
Email: I give a real email address: some bloggers don't like SEO and check before approving a comment
url: the link to my page

make a short comment related to the post and if you can try to put the keywords in your comment.


okna said...

thanks, i'll try it.

Kerry said...

Most pages have the no follow tag connected to the blogging comments. Doesn't that impact PR?

Increase Page Rank said...

There are still many blogs not using the no follow tag.

And a no-follow link may gives less juice, but I believe that it does count (despite what Google may officially assert). Besides google bots don't care about the tag, they'll follow the link anyway.

Nonetheless I'd suggest you to use both blog comments and social boorkmark sites, also you should explore profile creations on social network sites (always a way to put free link).

Kerry said...

Thanks for the fast reply :) I've been looking at the social bookmark links you had in one of your previous blogs and signed up for some of them -- some were in other languages which was a bit confusing.
Two more questions: what do you mean by profiles on social network sites? Is it valuable to have the UID as a keyword on a social networking site?

Increase Page Rank said...

Hi Kerry,
You'll have more details at:

-->Create Profiles to Increase Page Rank