Friday, August 31, 2007

Check your page ranking in Google Search

If you want to know if all your SEO efforts have been worth, you have to check your ranking in Google Search for the keywords you're competing on.

This task may become boring if you have more than one website and if you don't rank in the ten first pages of results.

There are already some commercial solutions available but they are too expensive.
So I just developed a small VBA application under Excel to make it easier.

Let's try it:


The file is quite easy to use. So I won't write too much about it.
Just remember to lower the securiy level for macros in Excel if you want to try this application or you will have a security alert when opening the xls file.

I think I'm going to improve this application in the near future. So stay tuned ! ;-)


Lina said...

Hello - I downloaded the Excel file, but I was not able to get it to work. When I tried opening it, it said that it was disabling macros - maybe that's why? Either way, it looks like a great idea if I can get the file to work on a different computer maybe - thanks a lot!

Increase PR said...

To enable macros in Excel spreadsheets, check this link:

You have to enable macros if you want to be able to use thi excel file. (And it's better you put the security level at low instead of medium, otherwise it may not work.)

Coisox said...

How to use this tools? I've set to lowest security.

Should I put my URL inside C2 & C4? But they already have formula inside. And what are B16-C22 for? What should I type there?

Increase Page Rank said...

Hi Coisox,

Put your keywords in C4 and your url (or whatever text you want) in C2. Then press the button to check your Google Page rank.

I reuploaded an other version of the file which is easier to use. Recommend to use this new file.