Wednesday, August 1, 2007

5 Easy Tips to increase your Google PR

- When you name a page, give it a name related to its content:
for example, i have a page mostly talking about PR and Adsense,
so it would be appropriate to call the page PR-adsense.html

- The former comment also applies to the title (meta script) !
And especially if you're using Blogger, because the title is used
to create the page's name.

- Try to keep your pages' adresses the shorter you can. For example '' is much too long ! '' would be much better.

- Whenever you can, you should use ".HTML" or ".HTM" pages.
Those pages are static and are more valuable in Google bots' eyes.
It's easier for a HTM/HTML page to score well in the rankings
than for a PHP page (which is dynamic).

- Avoid useless code in your page: the slimmer your code, the better it is! So, get rid of javascript that are not absolutely necessary.


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Increase Page Rank said...

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