Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free Blogger Template - Ideal for Adsense

I was looking for a free template for the blogs I'm working on.
I wanted a template with three columns. Mainly because three-columns templates are more suitable for implementing Adsense. Unfortunately I only found expensive templates. I was near to give up the idea of a free blogger template.

Fortunately, I came to TemplatePanic. Effy Haryanti is doing a really good job. And she's proposing her templates for free !

On this blog I keep the template simple in purpose. But on some other blogs of myne I fully exploit the template and they are quite esthetic. As a result my adsense earnings have already increased.

I cant but recommend you to have a look to Effy's website.

I really want to say thank you to Effy Haryanti ! :)


Effi said...

Hi, thanks for promoting my blog. Keep good work!